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My Work Wife Had Another Perfect Baby Boy | In-Home Lifestyle Photography | Napa, CA

In early January, my work wife, her husband, and big brother Leo (such a ham for the camera!) welcomed another perfect human into this world. I, of course, was so excited to capture images as my heart explodes a little bit every time I see them. I shot their wedding years ago in San Francisco and to see their family grow is just the best.

This is a great example the in-home lifestyle sessions that I offer, meant to capture daily life as it is. This documentary style of photography I find so meaningful as it truly transports you back to that period in your life for years to come. I often recommend planning an activity to do that you and your family do often together as it brings out authentic moments. It's an honor to be welcomed into your homes and have the opportunity to witness those real moments - the laughter, the cuddles, the chaos, the LOVE.

Sara and Galen,

Keep having babies.

K. Thanks.



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