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Linden Clover Workshop Hangover For Life

This hangover is one I never want to get rid of.

The genuises behind Linden Clover, Sarah Kathleen Leader and Lindsey Gomes

In February 2018 (maybe March, I truly have no idea of time anymore), I impulsively signed up for a workshop (Sunchaser Edition) hosted by some amazing photographers that I had been following for awhile on social media. When I received the most beautiful snail mail (Fete & Quill, OMG!) weeks later, I knew I was, without a doubt, in for an amazing experience.

I had first heard of Sarah Kathleen through a friend when I saw her wedding photos - which were INCREDIBLE. My first question was who in the world is this photographer?! Her style was unique, a little dark and edgy - everything I adore. Through association, I found the work of Lindsey Gomes (also creates STUNNING and emotional work, my goodness) and truth be told, they are the best of friends. Together, they created a love-child business called Linden Clover. Because of these two, I am now on the hunt for a work wife. Inquire via email. ;)

As Linden Clover, these beauties shoot weddings and host workshops. Now it is true that I have only attended one of these workshops, but I feel pretty confident in saying that they all can't be like this. The attention to detail, setting, and love that they poured into these 3 days was truly MAGICAL. It is still so fresh that I cannot even write about it without tearing up. Like I literally can't really see the screen right now, so forgive typos and such.

Driving from Napa to the incredible Flying Caballos Ranch (where I want to live forever and ever) was a bit of a trek, but I jammed to sweet tunes and enjoyed some serious thinking time, which we all need from time to time. We were met with hugs and gorgeous, refreshing Mojitos, as well as canvases on which we painted together (ummmm, paint is literally my love language), directed by the uber-talented Heather Millenaar . Aside from being with some of the coolest people on the planet, we indulged in the MOST EPIC food, wine, and cocktails from Flora & Fauna Fine Food, Allegretto Wines, and Copper & Crystal while surrounded by the most BEAUTIFUL DECOR EVER from All Events Paso, and Avenue Twelve. Spark + Sparkle Events coordinated it all and I wish more than anything that they were based in Napa because I would hire Kacey to coordinate MY WHOLE LIFE. The flowers from Adornments Flowers and Finery were stunning and the succulent that came home with me is the cutest, now living on my kitchen windowsill with lots of new friends and my new candle from Fable Soap Co.

Cool mornings were spent sipping on Spearhead Coffee (which I'm also currently sipping) and nibbling on donuts from SloDoCo (which I wish more than anything I was nibbling on right now instead of this kale salad), yoga and meditation moments with Kaylen Gleason. Continuous snacking on olives from Fusano Olive Company occurred all day every day.

THEN, there's the guest speakers and the shoots. My gosh, so many things to say.....

Austyn Elizabeth Photography and Michelle Roller came and shared life hacks and infinite wisdom with us prior to being able to photograph the lovely Quin Cody, Bri-Anna and Ryan Biberston. Keep scrolling to see these three in all their gorgeous glory.

B E A U T Y ∆ T E A M

Tie & Pocket Square: Stag Handmade

Jewelry: Sweet Bella

We said our goodbyes while enjoying ridiculously fabulous Negranti Creamery ice cream and couldn't believe our time together was ending. We shared stories, tears, dreams, hopes, struggles and fears. I don't believe that people come together on accident in life. We were meant to meet one another at this exact time in each of our lives. Chelsea from Stories Told by Film and Linden Clover captured it all for us to relive again and again. Grateful doesn't even begin to cover it.

I look forward to the day I can chase the sun with you all again. I feel so blessed to have met each of you.

Until then,




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