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Workshop Number One | Hemlock House Inc.

Soooo excited to finally share these.....omg. Right smack in the middle of my busiest season ever, I had the brilliant idea to hold my first workshop (next time it will be in my slower season FOR SURE - insert hand-smacking forehead emoji). What I have gained from attending creative workshops in my own life cannot be put into words and I walked away from my first one knowing that these feelings of inspiration, togetherness, community, creation, and compassion was something I wanted others to feel as well.

With a background in education and art, incorporating forms of teaching into my business feels like a natural next step and I truly can't wait until my next event (stay tuned!). Knowing that I needed to work out some kinks and start small, I made this a "tester event" inviting some of my dearly trusted and crazy-talented fellow creatives, whom I met at the very first workshop I ever attended, actually. I had reserved the cutest little space in the redwoods for this as it was very visually appealing and I knew it would photograph well. I wanted to incorporate photographing each other as we photographers never have enough photos of ourselves (imagine that!). Those photos are not included in this blog but will be a part of a secondary one in the works. We definitely hit some speed bumps along the way, as expected, but laughed so hard through it all and I learned so much. So grateful for my fellow ladyboss babes. I love seeing other's perspectives when we are all looking at the same thing. It's hard to get to that place, creatively, sometimes as we feel such a pressure to compare our work to others. But it is when we are in our own space, free from comparison, that we are the most creative and our vision is clearly realized. The saying that comparison is the death of creativity couldn't be more true.

For the styled shoot portion of the workshop, I knew I wanted to shoot at the beach, which was about a 30min drive from our rustic little cabin. I held a model call and received many amazing and heartfelt responses but something about Carli's email really spoke to me and things just fell into place. Thank you, Carli and Justin, for answering the call and being up for anything. We all loved working with you!

Now, sit back, and enjoy a ton of crazy-romantic images on this lovely day celebrating love.



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