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We Needed a Morale Boost

When you are painfully watching your stylist and salon owner friends from afar (I have SOOOO MANY) desperate to work, to create, to do SOMETHING, you call them up and play in their gorgeous salon. We turned up the tunes, danced around like no one was watching, and giggled away while bribing our girls with Dutch Bros, (although not much of that was needed - as you will be able to see). ;)

Mod Pod Salon in Napa, CA

To my stylist and salon owner babes, I'm so very sorry things are so askew in our world. THANK YOU for the clean and healthy environments you have created, for the attention to detail you have shown, for the additional training you have gone through in order to be able to work and be safe for all of us - just to be shut down again while other non-essential businesses remain open. Call me up if you need a little morale boost and I will do my best...Throw on some lipstick, create a playlist and let's go playyyy.

...and when it's up and running, be sure you check out the fun and funky Mod Pod Salon in Napa! You will feel the love and passion within the walls.

So Much Love.




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