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To Valhalla and Beyond | Brooke + Jayson | Napa, California

On a perfectly chosen day right between their birthdays, Brooke and Jayson exchanged the most beautiful vows in front of a handful of friends and family, including the most epic of loved ones, who made sure everyone knew she was in fact present for this occasion via the wind. It was the loveliest of intimate affairs in one of the most breathtaking locations I have seen in our abundant Napa Valley. I have known Brooke for 14+ years and to be able to not only witness this, but document it was THE BEST EVER. The editing process held so many emotions; I found myself smiling from ear to ear and shedding a tear here and there.

Wow, you guys. You did it - and I have never been more confident of a perfect match. I'm so very happy for you.




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