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Branding Photography in Napa, CA | Stitch Queen Colleen

Meet Colleen Wagner, a.k.a, Stitch Queen Colleen. She also happens to be my friend, neighbor, and my pup's auntie. I'm currently snuggled up in a freakishly beautiful blanket she made for me (photos of it at the end of the post). She makes me bagels and beanies and has seen me at my worst and best. I was blessed to be able to shoot her wedding in Mexico last year too - and it was GLORIOUS. Well, she's moving across the country in a couple weeks and it makes me sad. 😭 She is one of the most talented humans I have ever met and photographing people doing things they truly love is the best - Colleen's love for creating definitely shines through these images.

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Kathy Corsey
Kathy Corsey
Oct 18, 2023

Amazing Photography and amazing knitting creations!!!!!❤️

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