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A ONE-DAY INTENSIVE BOOT CAMP DESIGNED TO help you ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS by connecting you with professionals who are experts in their field so you can showcase your message and connect with those who need you and your services the most.

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FOR THE solopreneur who wants to get their business sh*t dialed in!

take your business to the next level with


• tools for attracting your ideal client/customer who needs your services through our mindset workshop

• personal branding workshop to learn how to effectively convey YOUR message to your dream audience

• quality imagery from a professional photographer that speaks to what your business is all about

• time and support to create social media content that showcases your message

• one-on-one coaching for the financial side of your business so you know where to invest your energy - and money, honey! 

• a fun and supportive network of professionals that will have your back on this day - and beyond!


This in-person workshop is for YOU if you are:


  • putting off the necessary work that is needed to get your business dialed- you feel overwhelmed when you attempt to tackle this on your own.


  • In need of expert advice to level up your business. it has been challenging to carve out time to build the foundation and support your business needs to thrive. 


  • Feeling imposter syndrome daily and it's keeping you from raising your rates and making the money you deserve. 


  • Unclear about your online presence. You know you are not communicating your message clearly- your photos are outdated and do not capture who you are, and what you offer to the people who need your services the most. 


  • Terrified to look at your business finances (you'd rather set yourself on fire). you know you need help with your books, but don’t know where to start.


  • Need a reminder that YOU are your brand. Marketing yourself is as important, if not more important - than marketing the services or product you provide.

  • realizing that work is taking over your life - it's affecting your relationships. creating boundaries is needed, you're just not sure how to set them. 


Who We Are

who we are

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Lisa Fonville


Lisa is a photographer focused on helping people tell their stories through imagery that truly represents their brand. She will help you pinpoint where imagery and brand clarification is needed and capture professional images for your marketing use - all the while reminding you that YOU are your brand.

Humans desire connection with others - you have a unique opportunity to connect with them through your business, which will bring them back to you time and time again. Let's figure out how to best create those connections and form business relationships that last.


allesanda tolomei-hard


Allesanda is a Wellness Coach, entrepreneur, and owner of Unwind Mind Body Soul.

Allesanda leads group workshops that inspire people to move through personal and relationship challenges that are holding them back- let’s face it, business is a relationship game. 

She will be sharing her most effective business mindset tools to help you create organization, time, and focus in your work schedule so you can gain clarity about your goals, ideal clients, and where you want your business to go- a clear vision is key!

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resa shore


Resa is a straight talking (no BS!) money coach who gets a real charge out of helping you get in control of your money and eliminating the happiness-sucking anxiety that’s keeping you up at night.


She has an MBA in business and is a born problem solver with a built in compass when it comes to personal money management. Resa possesses an unusual mix of strong intuitive ability and concrete sequential thinking that makes her empathetic to where you are, yet laser focused on the realities of your finances.

what's it gonna cost me?!


mindset       branding      money

mindset coaching
with allesanda of
unwind mind body soul

healthy business boundaries workshop & 1-1 meeting, workbook

remove the self-defeating beliefs that are blocking you from having a healthy relationship with your business

create clear boundaries with your business and your clients

learn tools to attract your dream clients - create a clear picture of whom you want to serve

let go of imposter syndrome and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being productive and satisfied in your profession

valued at $400

branding sessioN & professional photos
with lisa of
hemlock house, inc.

effectively communicate your message with your desired audience through professional imagery that speaks to YOUr brand

micro-session with lisa resulting in photos you can use for your marketing

website & social media r

learn tools to help create consistent and eye-catching content for your audience

tips to take better photos of what you are showcasing
on your website and social media pages

valued at $800

financial coaching
with resa of
Your money health

financial coaching workshop & 1-1 mini session

get in control of your business finances and know exactly where your money is going

increase savings so you can handle unexpected work expenses and know that retirement and vacations are possible

create a plan to pay off debt and keep current taxes so that you are not paying for the past with your future income

identify your financial goals and learn how to achieve them so you can have the work-life balance you desire

valued at $400

total value: $1600
your cost: $1100
early bird special: $950

early bird tickets include a 1-1 call with each allesanda, lisa, and resa prior to the event to get your leveling up started!

Sign Up

enroll now & save big! 

you won't find this value anywhere else.

WERK IT! Business Boot Camp | Monday, March 27th, 2023 | Napa, California

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